PO Payment Profiling – Flexible payment terms to accelerate your IT investment

PO Payment Profiling is a tailor-made commercial option that provides your business with payment flexibility but allows us to pay suppliers upfront for agreed purchase orders. How do we do that?

Say you have a requirement for a multiyear security solution and want to lock in your payments over three years to match, avoid possible increases in cost and the need to have to renegotiate annually.

Tell us you’d like to use PO Payment Profiling for the multiyear solution and you want to:

  • Match payments to term
  • Limit impact on current financial year budget
  • Have certainty of payments and avoid possible increases
  • Take advantage of any vendor multiyear discounts


We will provide a cost effective payment profile that meets your commercial objectives and provide you with the required terms to include in the final PO. Once the PO is finalised, the order for the goods and services is fulfilled. You make regular payments over the agreed term. It’s that simple.

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